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News & Events


Players interested in the Lady Islanders program should contact:

10U & 12U  -  Alyssa Marro

14U & 16U   -  Mark Dubeau



Once again the players and parents have outdone previous years efforts to make this the best Buddy Skate so far.   This video is dedicated to all of you who extended your hands to make  this a special day for so many.   Thank-you


The Lady Islande Game of the Week is Sunday Jan 13th @ 9:30am when the 12U T2 host Northwell.     Watch the game live in HD by clicking here or on the live game page.

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On Saturday, September 1st and Sunday, September 2nd at the Dix Hills Rink, three players from the Lady Islanders Tier 2, 12U team participated in the 24 hour Hockey Helps Marathon fundraiser. Becca Hochman, Skyla Peltzman, Sarah Smyth. The event helped raise over $850,000. Click on this link to read the article

Here is a quote from the article about one of our players, Skyla Peltzman.

The women's game has also evolved to where they had two full teams compared to five years ago, when they had four women playing with men. One participant this year was 11-year-old Skyla Peltzman from Melville, New York, whose hat trick was among the highlights of her experience.

"It was very cool," Peltzman said. "It was amazing to have real pro players play on the ice with me. Graves was trying to make me lose."


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We are working on adding the 14U and 12U  Tier 2 team staff to our website.   Until it is completed please use the following for contact information.   (TIER 1 teams are listed under staff).

12U  Tier II    HEAD COACH:   Alyssa Marro
12U  Tier II    MANAGER:         Lori Hochman

14U  Tier II    HEAD COACH:   Alyssa Marro
14U  Tier II    MANAGER:        Clare Guydish

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(Read Movement Rules and Required Forms Carefully)  Failure to follow the instructions will result in a delay or not receiving the request release returned.

Current Lady Islanders players requesting a release  (click here to download release forms  must send the completed  "Player Release Form"   along with a completed   "Acknowledgement of Player Movement Rules Form"   with a "STAMPED SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPE"  to:

Lady Islanders
PO Box 1041
Huntington, NY 11743



1.  Dix Hills Rink Staff can not issue or help you get a release.  You must follow above  process.

2.  Releases can not be submitted or obtained in person, they must be mailed.   Releases will not be left at rink office.

3. Releases can not be emailed or faxed.  They must have an original signature and raised seal.

4.  If all three (above listed) required items are not submitted the release will not be issued.

5.  We normally complete and place back into the mail within two days however NYSAHA states teams have 10 days to return completed release.

6.  The "Original" release must be brought to any tryout you attend.

Rebels / Hawks / Lady Islanders players wishing a release must fill out the online Release Request form.  Requests will be processed and emailed providing all fees are paid in full; the individual has no outstanding balance with the team; the team has completed all play for the season including tournaments, games and practices; and team has no outstanding ice bill with the league. All qualified (see above) requested releases will issued 10 days prior to the NYSAHA tryout date or  in limited cases 10 days after the qualified request.  An original form is required and copies (fax included) are not acceptable.

NYSAHA Rule 7.A states:

"Players will be allowed to move from one team (association) to another team (association) at the conclusion of the State Tournament for 10 and under players and at the end of National Tournaments for players 11 and above.

At the conclusion of the respective tournament the player must obtain a release from the association that they are leaving showing they have no financial and/or equipment obligation.

When a player joins a new association and the association and player commit in writing, that commitment to participate is for the next complete season. Until the season ends (after respective tournament) no permission to move will be granted without extenuating circumstances. The request must be submitted to the respective Section Vice President who will MAKE THE DETERMINATION AND present it to the NYSAHA Board of Directors."

NOTE:   Items Required to be mailed..........

 1.  Filled out  Player Release Form

2.  Filled out  Acknowledgement of Player Movement Rules Form

3.  Stamped Self Addressed Envelope

NOTE:  If one of the above three items is not included in the mailing the request will not be processed.



The 14U team won the EJEPL playoffs last weekend with a 4-2 win over the West Chester Quakers in the finals. Goalie Rachel Lohan was named MVP. This came after the team went 13-0-3 in the regular season and marked 2 consecutive EJEPL undefeated seasons. Second year players Jeannie Wallner, Georgia Franco, Shoshanna Lebo, Tara Henshaw and Danielle Stein went 29-0-3 in 2 years in the EJEPLas 14U players.  The team is currently 35-9-6 and ranked 39th I Tier 1.

The season has included winning the Cape Cod Storm Tournament, Runners Up in the Buffalo Rush Tournament, and now EJEPL Champions. The team is now excited for Buffalo and has high hopes to compete for a state title.



The 12U volunteered at  a halloween movie night with the Ashley Wade Foundation thats open to families with a child battling cancer & other chronic illnesses. The girls were wonderful!



Pink the Rink weekend games on Friday Oct. 7th and Saturday Oct. 8th will be streamed live on the Lady Islanders website.  All games can be watched free (not much in hockey is free) so tell those family members that never came to watch a game they now have no excuse.  From across town to across the world watch the games live.

Courtesy of Long Island Rebels Productions four games on Friday and eight games on Saturday will be streamed live in HD with play by play announcers and game graphics. 
Announcers Steve Cotrone and Josh Hirsch will broadcast all the action for the following games.
                FRIDAY OCTOBER 7TH
4:45PM         Watch this game live / click here
6:10PM          Watch this game live / click here
7:35PM          Watch this game live / click here
9:00PM         Watch this game live / click here

               SATURDAY OCTOBER 8TH
8:20AM          Watch this game live / click here
9:45AM          Watch this game live / click here
11:10AM          Watch this game live / click here
12:35AM         Watch this game live / click here
4:10PM           Watch this game live / click here
6:30PM          Watch this game live / click here
7:55PM           Watch this game live / click here
9:20PM          Watch this game live / click here

TO ORDER A GAME ON DVD OR USB DRIVE  CLICK HERE    (USB Sticks with game can be purchased day of the game).


The Lady Islander's teams have been preparing for the season opener since early  May.

 Practice schedule went from once a week to twice a week in the beginning of August. In addition to the practices,an amazing off ice conditioning regiment every week at the Sports Hub in Syosset has really put the girls in amazing condition.  The four months of on and off ice has already shown very positive results.

This past weekend demonstrated what the program has produced. 

To start, the 12u squad captured the championship at the high level Cape Cod Storm Tournament!  

After dropping the first game of the round robin to the host team, Storm, 2-0, the  team regrouped, worked on a few things between games, and came out strong winning the next two games placing them in the Finals again facing the undefeated Storm.

The final game did not start well for the girls, going down in the opening minutes 2-0, but the team battled back, and in the later part of the game their off ice and summer training proved to be the deciding factor as they took home the crown in a 4-3 come from behind win.

In the same tournament, the 14u girls demonstrated why the requests to play them from top T1 programs keep coming in. 

Unlike the 12u team playing their first games, the 14u girls had an amazing run in the top bracket at the prestigious Bean Town tourney in July, placing in the top ten at that showcase and sparking tremendous interest from recruiters, resulting in invitations to many girls on the squad.  

They opened the Cape Cod show by downing the last year champion Storm 5-1.  They then defeated a strong Baystate squad 4-1 and put an exclamation point on the round robin set by overpowering the New England Pride 10-0.

The Final game pitted them against Baystate, and in a very fast paced end to end match, found them on the short side of a 1-0 score.

The 16u girls opened their season in an EJEPL game vs the New Jersey Wildcats in a live broadcast from Dix Hills (replay of game available on home page of website),
and once again the girls put on a show taking the game 7-2.

The 16u team is now preparing for their invite weekend at Harvard, where they will be playing in front of several college coaches. While the 12u squad will begin their play in both the EJEPL and for the first time ever the LIAHL PW A division vs all boys teams, 14u has a packed schedule playing EJ and top T1.  

Our 10u girls are also playing in the LIAHL Squirt A division and showed this weekend that they will be competitive at that level! 

The Lady Islanders organization is very proud of all our teams and is committed to grow girls hockey on the Island.  We invite any one interested in joining to check out the web and schedules, we have a few openings at the T 1 and T 2 level.

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