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The Lady Islanders 10U, 12U, 14U and 19U teams and the Town of Huntington dedicated  a weekend of hockey games and fundraising to the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Awareness.      The Lady Islanders "Pink the Rink" weekend had girls teams at all age levels from the tri-state area.

Numerous raffles and fundraisers were conducted to raise money for this worth cause.   The proceeds were presented by the Lady Islanders 12U team to June Ingraham,  from the Eastern Division of the American Cancer Society.     In the photo are (L to R) June Ingraham, Councilwoman Susan Berland, Councilman Mark Cuthbertson, Lady Islanders President Rich Righi and members of the Lady Islanders 12U team.

The weekend could not have been a success without the efforts of Matt Naples, Joanne DeGuire, the players of the 10U, 12U 14U and 19U teams, the Town of Huntington, and many of the Lady Islanders parents and friends.


This weeks Saturday night featured game on fasthockey.com will be the Lady Islanders 12U vs the New Jersey Rocket.       The game will be broadcast live on fasthockey.com starting at 5:30pm.


Team managers have the clothing order forms and will be sending them out please have them in to your managers or me (Frank)  lirebelscoach@gmail.com no later than November 23 Sunday evening.


Mark your calendars      Buddy Skate 2014-15 will be held on Saturday Dec 27th  4:45pm


Buddy Skate 2014 was undoubtedly the largest and best event to date since its inception 12 years ago. Players from the LI Rebels, Lady Islanders, and Junior Royals turned out in force to help the visiting students. Smiles, new friends, and laughter filled the Dix Hills Ice Arena with a glow.

 I want to share a story, which I believe is a perfect encapsulation of the event as a whole:

 Early in the evening a mother and father entered the rink with their small child who, upon seeing the swell of the crowd, worriedly clutched to his father. Volunteer players guided the parents to the skate rental area, and helped put on and tie the child’s skates; all while he still held tightly onto his father.

 This continued as they walked out to the ice surface. Holding on to dad, and with mom just inches away ,the players tried to connect with the child; talking, joking and showing him how much fun skating can be. The child watched, but would not let go of his dad.   After several minutes, Coach R skated in to see if he could help.  He got down on his knees and spoke with the child, which seemed to lessen his grip on his dad.  I don’t know what he said, but the child soon let go with one hand and reached out to Coach R.

  With one hand on dad and the other on his new friend, the child calmed down and then let go of dad completely. Coach R picked him up and started skating around mom and dad; first slowly and then much more quickly.  Then it came: the smile, which soon turned to a chuckle, and eventually laughter. 

 Coach R reached down and put the child’s skates on the ice, pushing him in a circle around mom and dad. The four laughed together, without a care in the world, and only having met just minutes earlier.

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